Tuesday, October 28, 2008

10 Signs That You Are Working Too Hard...

1.) You cry during "Pimp My Ride."  (seriously, it can be a touching show. Especially when you are delirious).

2.) Your computer literally overheats and dies (yes, smoke was involved.  Thank you Apple Store in Shibuya who are the best docs on the East side).

3.) You no longer see the light of day....literally.

4.) You get that crease on your eyelid that just won't go away!

5.) Personal hygiene disappears (Well, this is an interesting case with me...)

6.) You wake up at 3am to check your email to make sure you didn't miss a deadline.

7.) You look forward to the weekends so you can have uninterrupted work time.

8.) Even brushing your teeth twice can't get rid of "coffee breath."

9.) Your "skinny jeans" fit perfectly.

10.) People take one look at you and ask, "Are you okay?"

There you have it, folks!  Welcome to Japan ;)

BTW - GO OBAMA!!!!!  The next time I write, this man had better be elected or else the next post will be, "10 Signs that America Needs to Get it's Head Out of it's ....."  Heehee.


Khanthaly said...

pimp my ride really?? i hate that eyelid thing...I know exactly what you're talking about

BcB said...

Even with an Obama victory (fingers-crossed), I think you could still come up with more than 10 signs that folks here need to remove anteriors from posteriors...

Anyhoo, please take care of yourself, darn it! If for no other reason than there are people in various parts of the world that like reading your adventure stories!

And,for goodness sakes, please stop watching Pimp My Ride...other than the crying thing, Xzibit needs no more encouragement to do television! Dramatic cinema...that's where he belongs =)

Aimee said...

I'll be voting today in my little suburban middle school! Mama for Obama. HA! I am the queen of cheese, man.