Sunday, July 12, 2009

She's a keeper


Below is a little blurb from one of my best friends of all time. She is so right on.

"My last adventure will be the one that i take when I transcend this world. Until then, life is one big adventure. it's up to you to decide how adventurous you want it to be. Once you lose the excitement of adventure is when your life should end......the curiousity, the learning, the deepening of understanding is what adventure is about....and isn't that what life is about? when you decide to stop living is when your adventure ends. my adventure is just beginning. i've found that i don't desire to move about and am not restless as when we were in our early 20s, but there's something new awaiting me and i'm looking forward to experiencing this newness. adventure doesn't exist only in foreign lands. it exists in your heart and mind."

Cheers, MNDN (you know who you are!)

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