Saturday, December 27, 2008

Happy Christmas!

Though I was sick at home with a crazy Korean-Bird-Flu-Virus-From-Hell, I was able to enjoy myself by watching Britney Spears from my laptop.  My day would have been complete had I purchased a bucket of fried chicken from KFC.  Awesome.

I will, however, tell you what IS awesome.  My family.  My friends.   I LOVE YOU GUYS.  Even though I didn't get to see you, I was so with you, and this makes me happy. 

Even though we are all nuts and far too animated, our toes are tapping!  Right dad?  Right! 
Here are some fun pictures (and a video!) from home that make me smile ;)

Aren't they cute?!!!

My nephew (You know he looks like Rod Stewart)

I heart them!

Wow, Sebastian. Um.

And a SPECIAL thank you to all my friends from Sally Temple's Lab!  THANK YOU SO MUCH for the awesome card, post-it notes (hahaha), pictures, and for thinking of me on Christmas!  You made my day!  I have pics of all of you throughout my apartment now.  Ashley - BIG HUGS your way, lady.  You are fantastic.

And, finally, what did our friends in Uganda do? Read on (from Steph):

"As it should be, John explained that the villagers ensure Christmas is a time when friends and family gather. He wanted to ensure the Christmas of all the Engeye Scholar children was a special one, so he invited them over to the clinic Christmas evening to watch Ugandan movies on his lap top.

Since electricity, computers and movies are a complete novelty in the village, to be able to view a movie on a computer is an opportunity of a lifetime.

Though the connection was poor and I could only make out half of what John was saying, I was able to understand that there are currently over 50 children crowded in our tiny clinic trying to watch the movie! What was supposed to be a small gathering turned into a festive time for all the village children! It sounded like a gleeful time as I could hear happy children laughing and shrieking in the background.

How special, eh? It is good to know that the clinic is serving the community to the max and being utilized to its fullest potential. And it is invigorating that we have so much more on the horizon, ready to implement."

It's MERRY, HAPPY CHRISTMAS TIME (sing this to the tune of the Peanut Butter Jelly song, please)!


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