Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Live in the Moment

Sorry for all of the posts recently, but I have been so touched/impressed/inspired by my friends as of late. THANK YOU GUYS....just for being you.  You make me happy.

This is a little sumthin' from one of my bestest friends of all time ;)  You know who you are, my little mental next door neighbor, you!

"That's what it's really about isn't it? Living each day fully and presently. For some, tomorrow may never come, so all they have are their todays and the memories of their yesterdays. So... why not live each today fully so that you can have the best memories of your yesterdays? We often plan so much for tomorrow that we forget about today. Today is what counts."

Damn skippy! ;)


Khanthaly said...

always been a smart cookie hasn't she. =)

Misty said...

Must run in the family ;) (and I am classifying myself as family too, since we are technically married). Dude. I miss you!